Modalities & Training

Maureen is a certified EMDR therapist and has advanced and comprehensive training in EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  She has seen profound and lasting results from this treatment modality.  In addition to EMDR, Maureen is trained at the advanced level in ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy). Maureen is certified in Clinical Hypnosis at the Advanced level.

Upsetting and even traumatic events in people’s lives are stored in the neurological system with beliefs, feelings, body sensations and pictures that are triggered by similar events causing emotional flooding, over reaction, repetitive cycles of pain, rejection, shame and even physical symptoms. EMDR and ART facilitate healing from within the client as he or she clears old material in the neurological system and comes to new perceptions, beliefs and reactions to life issues both internally and inter-personally.

Maureen has training in a number of other modalities. She completed a post -graduate program in Bowen Family Systems and views clients in the context of both their family of origin and current life situation. Couple and family therapy involves individual, family and couple sessions.  Her couple and family work involves willingness to look at oneself and grow personally as well as understanding family system relationships and reactions.

Maureen also facilitates a forgiveness process that when done thoroughly and correctly is transformative. She has taken formal training in this process and experienced first hand its profound effects.

In addition Maureen uses empty chair technique, guided imagery, cognitive restructuring, mindfulness, ego state therapy, thought field therapy, and other methods as needed for each individual.